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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Good morning all ~ I hope today finds you well! :)

I have had a handful of friends (actually... I've had two handfuls of friends) approach me in the last month asking me if I still "do" résumés.  The truth is, all of the new résumé "rules" really threw me for a loop a while back. 

What do I mean by "rules"?  Well, the "experts" out there in the internet world have a variety of new suggestions and guidelines on what to do or not to do, what to include or not to include, how long it should be, etc.  Add all of the ways one should incorporate social media and social networking to the mix and it can be overwhelming!  It made me step back and really question whether I was producing a good quality product!  I would certainly never want to create a résumé that wasn't going to get a client (or moreover friend) the job!

The friends who have contacted me (thank you!) have made me realize that there is indeed still a need out there, so I'm determined to continue doing thorough research and take an online class provided in the industry to put myself in the position of being a great résumé writer again.

Once I do, I'll create a few formats, samples and a price list and then get to work!

I'll keep you posted!  Thanks again for your interest ~ it means a lot and of course is very flattering.

Have an exceptional day!


Kathryn Sihalath said...

Yes please keep us informed! I have a few friends that have been asking for your contact information.

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