30 Days Creative - Step One...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Step one for me is easy... (Go ahead and say, "Get it together, Girl!")

Yes, step one is admitting that there is a problem and I am doing just that! 
Once I clear my desk (aka 8 foot plastic table), I will be able to work on the scrap room (need table space for sorting).  Here is a wee bit of proof that it is definitely needed!
Here's one area of storage that is currently home
to a few of my favorite things.

1) My Destiny and Tyler bears (barely visible)

2) My adorable "Modern Priscilla" framed magazine cover (very me!)

3) My Kelly Rae Roberts "Embrace Change" wall art

4) My super cute metal owl wall hanging!

But this area is more shameful!

(Dramatic music please!)

This is the school pix and papers file...

That's my son's preschool picture in the front...

He's now going into fifth grade... ouch!

Get it together, Girl (I know, I know) :)
Enjoy your day!


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