About Me ~

Who is Kim Funk? In bulleted list form, she is...
  • Wife
  • Mom
  • Daughter
  • Sister
  • Friend
 Her titles under the skills department would include...
  • Creative Idea Girl (Imagine, Brainstorm, Create - yes!)
  • Communicator (Writing, Texting and Facebooking, though face time is best!)
  • Volunteer and Event Coordintor as needed
  • Classroom helper :)
She'd most like to be remembered someday as...
  • Kind and Loving
  • Thoughtful and Compassionate
  • Supportive of those she cares about and...
  • Someone who reached out to inspire and touch others, and make them smile :)
Her "needs improvement" section would include...
  • Her desire to be perfect (projects linger due to this - including blogging!)
  • Organization and Time Management at times... (just ask her husband) :) (Although we'll add that she works well on deadline...)
Yes, that's her (me)!  :) One other thing you might note about me is that I love to write in a conversational manner.  Please forgive the way I enjoy using punctuation in areas that might cause you to grab your red pen to correct it!  I love to write and I think that's what matters :)

Thank you so much for visiting!
I truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by my blog.
Email me anytime with comments, suggestions or whatever you like.

Kim Funk