30 Days Creative ~

Saturday, July 14, 2012

I love making creative boxes :)
I've decided to focus on being creative for the next month.  Anytime I'm approached to do something for someone else, I do it creatively, but it's been quite a while since I've tried to focus on creativity every day.  With that said, I've decided to challenge myself! 

For the next 30 days, I am going to focus on creating something every day.  This might be an in-depth article/post, but moreover, it will probably be something involving scrapbooking paper!

I looked around the scrap room the other day and noticed something.  There are a lot of crafty items sitting in bins or mini tubs on my shelves and... (gulp)... many items haven't been touched in the three years we've lived in this house!  There are also items that were supposed to go on the walls of the scrap room.  Things I absolutely adore and yet they... (gulp again)... are sitting on the floor or on a shelf - NOT on the wall! Thus the other reason for challenging myself!

By the time I am done with my challenge, I plan to have a few of the following goals checked off:

  1. The scrap room will once again be inviting and inspiring upon entry and my favorite things will be on display.
  2. My scrapbooking papers and other supplies will be organized and easier to access and I will have determined what items no longer have a home there (perhaps paper that I know I will never use, etc.!) and those items will be packed up and ready to be donated to one of the kids' schools.
  3. I will have closure on a few projects that I need to finish, or ones that I planned to tackle in days gone by.  Checking this item off the list would feel GREAT!  (Yes, that's a must!)
  4. The biggie is #4!  I am hoping this challenge will leave me feeling inspired and motivated and EXCITED about crafting again.  Maybe it will even lead me to a new business venture ~ one never knows, right?
Have you ever been in my place before?  I know some of you scrappers have been!  Feel free to join me in this challenge in any way shape or form!  Share your photos and thoughts with me!  A completed project, a great organization idea, etc.  I'd be happy to share them here on my blog.

Signing off now as I need to go pick a project for today!

Most of you know my slogan... "Do it creatively or not at all" ~ time for me to get to work!


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