Other Mags I Love

I grew up with a mom who loved (still does!) to read.  She can go through a book "lickety-split" and has always had a variety of magazines in the house.  I am guessing that's where it all started for me!  I love finding a good magazine... meaning, one that I want to read cover to cover because it is so interesting and entertaining!

I hope this blog will be that way for you and that you want to read every article!

Here are a few of my current favorite magazines, and their online version links:

More Magazine
I remember discovering More Magazine through my mom, BUT I was not 40 yet.  It was one of many defining moments that told me that turning 40 was not going to be a bad thing but a GREAT thing.  The pages of this magazine highlight women 40 and over and all of the fabulous, inventive and charitable things they are involved in.  It also includes health issues and beauty.  I absolutely LOVE More Magazine.

O - The Oprah Magazine
What I love about O Magazine is that it is just full of the type of helpful and inspirational articles that attract my attention.  Ready to reinvent yourself?  Need to de-clutter your life?  I love articles like that.  With regular columns and appearances by favorites like Dr. Oz, Suze Orman, and Peter Walsh and pages of beauty tips, and must haves (even if some are WAY out of my price-range), it's just a cover to cover FUN magazine.  I love my O Magazine!

Family Circle
Family Circle was a constant on our coffee table growing up and current copies can be found in my home today as well!  Home, family, health, recipes... you can find a little bit of everything and I truly enjoy picking it up and reading it cover to cover... even if it does take me a week or two during busy times!