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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hi there!  I am delighted to finally be posting on my new blog ~ yahoo!

My name is Kim (Dalton) Funk and I have been blogging for several years.  My friend Sarah started a blog, showed it to me and I was instantly hooked.  I then got my friend Gabby hooked as well (she now has a very active blog life!).  I look at the blogs I started back then, and those I've created since then and laugh (and cringe a bit too)!  Back then, there were only basic template designs (with not many editing options for layouts) and they were all BRIGHT!  I looked at a few of them today and thought to myself, "Wow!  I would NEVER put that out there with my name on it now!"

I've used blogs for personal day-to-day things, family reunions, compiling quotes (love them!), a bit of business AND I've used them in time of need for fundraising efforts and for remembering dear friends we've lost along the way.

Wait... you didn't know I blog?  You didn't even know I write?  Ouch!  You're calling me out on it?  Yes, that would probably be (no, for sure it is) due to my perfectionist issues...which have always lead to me not sharing my other blogs! I can't tell you how many times I've started a new blog, then deleted it in frustration.  I have always wanted my blog to look perfect - after all, it has my name on it!  (My mentor Jim Roberts was very picky about putting the Roberts Hallmark name out there... I think it rubbed off on me!).
Growing up, I wanted to earn a journalism degree at Napa College.  From there I figured I'd go on to write for the Napa Register.  The year I graduated from high school, Napa College decided to drop their journalism program... so that was that.  I figured I needed to choose something else, so I chose to work towards a medical secretary degree.  That didn't last, and I became a retail manager which I loved (and miss) but I have always been a writer at heart and always will be!  I wrote for a few local magazines in the past but haven't done so in several years... hmmm...

Well... that was yesterday and today is today!  Since I haven't shared my writing due to the perfectionist thing, I did what any smart person would have done years ago!  I hired a custom blog designer and I absolutely love what she created for me!

Kendra with Key Lime Digital Designs was the absolute perfect choice for me.  She understood how important it was for my blog to be very "Kim Funk", and she knew I wanted it to be more than just an ordinary blog.  She put time into getting to know me, listened to my ideas and concerns, and was very patient with me when I requested that we change things "just a bit" on more than one occasion.  She found the perfect "funky" fonts for me and well... I just love it!

I want to write a column somewhere!  I want to run a magazine!  So here we are ~ this is my magazine.  You'll find articles written by me and by other contributors as well!  (After all, magazines are composed of pieces written by many writers). I have decided my theme for 2012 is simply, "Make it Happen".  So here we go!  Hope you enjoy my magazine and visit often!


Anonymous said...

Beautifully written Kim. This is SO you and I love that you are following your dream by creating and contributing to something that is so very "you". Enjoy the journey, I can't wait to follow along. xo

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