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Friday, January 27, 2012

Good morning readers! Since this is a brand new blog, I thought I’d give you a little breakdown of some of things that are in the works for next week and beyond.

Starting Monday, we will be starting our Prayer Patrol listing! To view a list of those needing prayer, simply click on Prayer Patrol on my menu bar. I will post an updated list every Monday morning. By visiting that page you will also find instructions on how to receive our weekly Prayer Patrol list by email (if you’d prefer to view it that way) and how to request a prayer for yourself or others.

Also starting Monday, will be our “Question of the Day”! This is not a quiz, but an inquiry about your life, your thoughts, etc. This will be a Monday through Friday column. People interest me and I love to know what other families are doing or how others are doing things better. I will be using this for future articles ~ I think compilation is fun! You will be able to read this and comment on the actual blog by a daily (obvious) post and/or you will be able to view and participate via my Twitter account as well.

Starting Wednesday, we will be starting our “Words for Wednesday” column! We will share a few words every week that will help build your vocabulary (I know I can personally benefit from this) and possibly make you more competitive when playing those word games (wink, wink). We’ll be sure to include a useable word, a “way out there” word (where you think, “I’ve never heard of that!”) and at least one 2 - 3 letter word since many of us desire those for playing that one game… what’s it called? (Words With Friends!) J

Starting a week from this coming Saturday (February 4th), we will be sharing a “What’s for Sunday Breakfast” recipe or menu idea from our readers! So, you talented cooks and bakers out there, please share your ideas on this. You will get credit (of course!) if I use your submission and I am not at all opposed to you sharing a picture or two of the process… even if this means simply a picture of your little cuties assisting in your meal preparation! By posting it Saturday, you will have time to shop for ingredients and get ready for Sunday morning!

More links! I have dozens of links to add to the sidebar section of this blog. I will be working on updating that section very soon so you can blog hop compliments of Kim Funk J

And finally, for my Facebook followers, thank you so much for choosing to “like” us!! I want to be sure that I am not over posting on Facebook resulting in your status feed being COVERED in Kim Funk posts (because then you‘d want to “dislike“ me)! With that in mind, my initial plan is to post one link to the main article of the day (Monday through Friday at least) and that’s it. Anything else I want to share, I will add to the comments section of that initial daily post. So be sure to look at the comments when you see me on your status feed! Or of course, you can just visit me HERE!

Thank you for your support and remember, I am completely open to (and encourage!) your feedback. Email me at any time or comment at the bottom of any post.


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