Good Intentions for 2012 ~ Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy New Year! January hit and the buzz was all about resolutions. Usually, we hear about resolutions in regards to health and fitness, or perhaps one’s financial ways. But this year seemed different. Most articles I’ve read (so far), suggest not to choose or publicize official resolutions. Perhaps it’s to eliminate that let down feeling if a big goal isn’t achieved, but either way, I like resolutions. This year I’m going to call them intentions, maybe that’s a better way to go about it.

Here are five reasons why I like a fresh batch of intentions every year:

  1. I’m a lists girl! I have lists going everyday.
  2. I like to set goals for myself and...
  3. I think it’s good to set an example of goal setting for my kids!
  4. A list of goals/resolutions/intentions keeps me in check, just as a daily to do list does. It helps me see what I’ve accomplished as well as showing me what I keep putting off (and need to push myself on).
  5. Finally, it gives me an excuse to get creative! We scrappy and crafty girls like to create fun and colorful ways to display these things. I’ll create mine soon and post a picture of it for you later. I’m thinking a cheerfully decorated clipboard is in order.
For now, my top five Good Intentions for 2012 are:
  1. To get physically fit. Please stop shaking your head. J Before you think of this as another losing weight issue, it’s not. I was involved in a rear-ending car accident five months ago. I can’t help but to wonder, if I had been “fit” (stronger back and abdominal muscles), if my healing would have been faster. (It has not been fun).
  2. To find additional ways to find (and capture) inner peace. I am a worry wart. I worry, I think too much, etc. This does not help my acid reflux, my stiff neck, or my family when I allow my worries to make me grumpy. So, I think 2012 would be a great time to get that under control. I’m thinking yoga!
  3. I will try to be better about written (on paper) communication! I’m an old-fashioned girl and love writing letters and sending cards but I have really gotten away from it, and want to make a real effort this year to change that.
  4. Right in line with the paper communication is sending birthday cards to family and friends so that they receive them on time! (Ouch!)
  5. Maybe if I get all of the above taken care of… I’ll actually send out Christmas Cards again… sadly it’s been years!
I naturally want to continue to try to do well at my top two jobs ~ wife and mom ~ love my family so much! But that’s an everyday task, no need to be on the numbered list. :)
I wish you ALL the very best in 2012!


Kendra said...

I love setting resolutions! Love your first post here! :)

Anonymous said...

Well done, Kim!


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