Five reasons to check out Joel Osteen Ministries

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Joel Osteen was born the son of beloved minister, John Osteen, who was known for his ministry at The Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. As a person who chose to work behind the scenes for his father’s television ministry show, Joel never intended to take over his father’s ministry. He never knew that he would become the Senior Pastor at Lakewood Church shortly after his father’s passing in 1999, and certainly never dreamed of what Joel Osteen Ministries would become. He didn’t know that his own ministry would someday affect so many lives in a positive and lifting way. But life sometimes takes unexpected turns.

Five reasons I recommend giving Joel Osteen/Lakewood Church Ministries a try on Sunday mornings (via televised show):

  1. One can watch his show from the comfort of home (in your pajamas if you want!).
  2. It can recorded by DVR or Tivo, which means it can be watched when you choose to watch.
  3. You only need to commit 30 minutes of your time to watch this show.
  4. Joel uses life examples, including challenges he has faced in his own life, which makes him likeable and real. Most can relate to him as a normal person as opposed to simply a “TV Minister”.
  5. Most importantly, Joel always delivers a positive and encouraging message that incorporates a few bible verses in a way that is light and (most importantly) relates to issues of today’s world.
My personal experience is that I always walk away feeling enlightened, a little bit lighter, and “owning” a little bit more PEACE… which is what we all seem to desire.

If you are seeking to find or rediscover your spiritual side, are depressed and don’t feel like leaving home, are already spiritual but just don’t have the time or desire to visit a physical church, or are simply curious about Joel Osteen Ministries, you should commit to watching his show one time and decide for yourself. You can search your local listing paper guides or simply type in “Joel Osteen” by cable search and listings will definitely pop up.

If you’re not a television fan but want to check out Joel Osteen Ministries, you can visit Joel Osteen Ministries online to:
  • Access video clips from his shows.
  • Read about his personal history and learn how the Ministry came to be.
  • Read from his blog (written with wife Victoria).
  • Sign up to receive his daily message delivered by email.
  • Or visit the Joel Osteen Ministries store for other options.
You can also visit and/or “like” Joel Osteen Ministries on Facebook here.

Note: As with any television “personality”, you will find positive and negative feedback/reviews. But life is about taking what you want from each life experience. Come up with your own opinion… that’s what makes us individuals.


Anonymous said...

If anyone would like to see the behind the scenes Joel, you tube his visit with Oprah on her Next Chapter was very informative. I found a much greater respect for the man and his work.


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