Remembering 9/11, eleven years later ~

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

There are so many pictures of the tragedy that happened on 9/11/2001, and pictures of people grieving, remembering, honoring. There are beautiful graphic pictures that have been created as well. We are touched by all.
As I looked through many pictures, I kept being drawn back to this one of a father touching the name of his son on the memorial in NYC and his deep sadness, but another shot really touched me and made me think as well. There is a shot of a cororner who was honored in a ceremony and he is weeping. It reminded me that there were so many Americans who took part in trying to heal our country and put lives back together. Doctors, nurses, cororners, small business owners, AMERICAN citizens who were just looking for SOME way to help in any way they could. So today I send my prayers and comfort to all of the families and friends who lost someone that day or in the days, weeks, months or years after due to issues related to that day, and a big heartfelt thank you to the first responders and all of the other wonderful Americans who may be unknown to us, but helped in whatever way they could.
God Bless America and our citizens! I am so proud to be an AMERICAN!
(And thanking our troops goes without saying!)


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