Moms and Daughters - At Fifteen Years of Age ~

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Having a teenage daughter can be "interesting" to say the least.  My mom always says that fifteen was my worst year.  That was my sassy year (according to her).  I see my daughter at fifteen rolling her eyes at her father and at me, and questioning us a bit, but I think she accepts our decisions better than I did.  Maybe it's because she knows that if we have to explain why we're saying no, she'll be stuck in "listening mode" for a minimum of fifteen minutes, at which time she'll probably miss fifteen incoming text messages and miss fifteen minutes of her life... of her fifteenth year.  My mom didn't say no that often... she admits that she was a bit of a softy, but that's okay.  She was a single mom and did just fine.

Mom and I ~
Fifteen years old :)
I've been thinking back to the days I spent with my mom when I was fifteen. Running errands and visiting favorite stores with my daughter reminds me of the days when I used to do the same with my mom.  Mom and I loved Hallmark stores and gift shops.  We spent many hours at the old El Cerritto Plaza in El Cerritto, California, when we'd visit my grandfather who lived a few blocks away.  We'd frequent Betty's Gifts and Carol's Hallmark, Woolworth's, and Capwell's.  Mom loved Capwell's. :) We "ooed" and "awed" at all of the lovely high-end things and occasionally splurged on something special, but no matter what, we always had a great time.  We'd make a stop at the donut shop (Hunt's Donuts I believe it was called) to enjoy a donut and visit with my Grandfather's donut shop friends.  Great times, solid memories, very "mom".  Holidays with my mom were always special too ~ warm and homey decor done "just right" made me love that time of year.

Me and my "Des" ~
Christmas 2011
Des is fifteen :)
These days, Destiny and I visit Target, Pier One, Ulta, Tilly's, and the like, but we also visit Hallmark on occasion too and we both love it.  The treat stop is usually Starbucks for a "Carmel Frap" as she calls it. We get to talk about life during our time together, sometimes figure things out, and she gets to hear the old stories over and over and remind me that I've already told her "that one" (oops). We have fun and laugh and I am thankful for her every day.  We love when Christmas time comes and it's time to decorate the house.  She is in charge of displaying the many Christmas stuffed animals we have (we have a lot!), placing the garland on the stairs, etc.  I hope she looks back someday and thinks of our times together as fondly as I do when looking back on the many times with my mom.

Life with a teenager can be interesting, yes, but I'll keep mine.  She's a great kid and I enjoy spending time with her so much.  I am very lucky to have my Destiny and to still have my mom here on earth.  Life is good.


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