Money Matters - 4 Experts To The Rescue on Budgeting and Debt!

Friday, March 2, 2012

It's March.  We are now into the third month of 2012 and I have a question for you.  How many of you chose better money management as a New Year's Resolution?  How many of you didn't make a resolution, but know you have the same need or desire?  Who out there has done anything about it?  No, you don't have to raise your hand, respond by email or comment on this one.  It's just something to ask yourself.

I have a few more questions (sorry).  Do you know anyone who has recently claimed that he or she is now living on a budget (maybe for the first time ever!) and has this person (or persons) been successful?  Budgeting and knowing how to handle money is not an easy thing for everyone.  (For those of you who are gifted in this area, lucky you!).  However, we are lucky enough to live in a time where there is an abundance of advice for those of us who still need to learn and some amazing teachers out there!

Today we will focus on four well-known Financial Experts.  You will find bits and pieces about these individuals and their personal stories, along with a bunch of links to follow.  I encourage you to use the links, read up and would absolutely love to have you provide feedback to me and to fellow readers! 

Learning from others is a great thing!  Read on, then share your opinions, experiences, etc.  (Thank you in advance!)  And remember, you can always reply via the comment section below anonymously if you so desire! 

Here are today's four experts in no certain order:

Suze's most recent book
published January 2012.
Suze Orman
Who hasn't heard of Suze Orman?  Suze is everywhere! 
Suze Orman strongly believes the way to live is: "People First, Then Money, Then Things".

She can be seen on The Suze Orman Show every Saturday night on CNBC and also stars with Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz on the Oprah’s All Stars program on OWN TV.   In addition, she has been a regular guest on The View, Today Show and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Suze is known for her extensive financial knowledge and brutally honest opinions.  During her Saturday evening show, she has a regular segment called, "Can I afford it?"  Viewers call in requesting her honest opinion on whether or not they should make a purchase and she does not mince words!  She tells them their purchase is approved or denied and is not afraid to offer them a firm dose of, "You need to get a grip on reality!" and other "Suzeisms". 

Suze is a best selling author with nine consecutive New York Times Bestsellers, Contributing Editor to "O" The Oprah Magazine and contributing writer to Costco Magazine.  In addition, she has served as host to QVC's "Financial Essentials Hour" for the last 15 years offering advice and financial tools to viewers.

Not one to fall behind the times, Suze Orman even has an app!  (Click here for app).

You can visit Suze's website to read about her, find out about "The Money Class" and more.

She has an extensive offering of Financial Tools (Debt Eliminator, Expense Tracker, Compound Interest Forecaster, etc.) and a great Resource Center as well. 

Dave's well-known
"The Total Money Makeover"
has become a way of life for many.
Dave Ramsey
Dave is another well-recognized face in the financial world.  He is an individual who, along with his wife, incurred a large amount of debt and lost everything.  He knows what he's talking about as he has experienced it and made it back.  His honest advice and warm personality has made him someone people trust and enjoy learning from.

Though many got to know Dave Ramsey through his book, "The Total Money Makeover", his advice is now accessible in many ways.  There are online classes, books, CDs, DVDs, audio books, eBooks, mp3s and downloads, a weekly Dave Says national newspaper column, and The Dave Ramsey Radio ShowSome of you may still be able to watch him by television as well, Fox is no longer airing the Dave Ramsey Show in California.

Through his website you can discover and sign up for his My Total Money Makeover Online Program (putting the book work!) his Financial Peace University, or one (or all) of nine different newsletters.  He even has programs directed towards kids with his Kids and Schools items and his Generation Change Bible Study Program for Teens.

He also offers budgeting tools and forms, along with a variety of informative articles including two of my favorites: Dave's Baby Steps (the first things one needs to tackle when working with Dave) and 29 Ways to Leap Out of Debt (great ideas!).

In a nutshell, Dave offers a lot of great advice and has many ways to access it.  (But don't expect to be purchasing anything through his website with a credit card!  He doesn't take them!)

Jean's latest book
"Money 911",
released in January 2010
Jean Chatzky
Jean's website slogan is "Making Money Make Sense", which she does very well.

I started watching Jean a bit on The Today Show a few years back and always liked what she had to say.  She is clear, concise and informative and has a cheerful disposition.

he Today Show, doing segments titled, "Money 911" and "Today's Money".  She is also a contributing editor for More Magazine and writes a column for The New York Daily News.

Her website is full of information, clips from The Today Show and links to articles she has written.  She also writes a blog which is accessible on the opening page, and offers a weekly newsletter called, "This Week In Your Wallet".

In addition to the free information, she also offers two paid programs.  Information on Jean Chatzky Score Builder (Credit Score - free trial available!) and The Debt Diet (an online program based on paying down debt with $10 per day) can be found on her website.

Mary Hunt
Mary Hunt ~
America's Original "Cheapskate"!
I couldn't write an article on budgeting and controlling debt without including Mary Hunt!  This year Mary celebrates 20 years of "Debt-Proof Living" ~ Bringing dignity to the art of living below your means.

Like Ramsey, Mary came to know financial freedom by
personal experience.  She had $100,000 in debt and was scared to death.  It took thirteen years to pay off her debt, but she did it!  She claims it could have taken half the time had she known then what she does now!  Luckily, she has used her experience to help others.

Mary has authored 18 books on finance and reducing personal debt. She writes a nationally-syndicated newspaper column called, "Everyday Cheapskate" which is also available by email from her website.  She is also the money editor at Woman's Day Magazine.

Her most recent book is called, 7 Money Rules for Life and was released in January 2012.

She offers a membership to Debt-Proof Living through her website (on sale now for $10 for one year!) which offers access to specialized calculators (including Mary's Rapid Debt-Repayment Plan and Calculator), articles, tools and more, but she also offers freebies!

For you do it yourself people, you'll love this article: Saving Money Using What You Have On Hand and her blog offers a lot of great advice as well!

You can visit Mary on Facebook and on Twitter as well.

Thank you, Mary, for 20 years!


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