Questions of the Day! - February 6 - February 10

Monday, February 6, 2012

Inquiring minds want to know the answers to these questions!  You may reply by commenting at the end of this post, or you may email me by clicking here.  Can't wait to hear from you :)

Monday - Do you have a scent that reminds you of a special relatives house?  What is it?  Geraniums and apple smells make me think of my "Grama's" house. :)

Tuesday - Today's question is for those of you who have had to job hunt in the last two years.  How long did it take you to find a job, and what was your best job hunting tool?  Old school ways or internet-related?

Wednesday - Have you ever ridden a bicycle built for two (tandem bike)?  Did you grow up loving your bike?  Did you have a favorite bike?  Do you have a funny bike-riding story?  (Too many questions?)  Please share :)

Thursday - Do you have a favorite kind of apple?  If so, what kind?  Do you like to use them for baking or just to enjoy as they are?

Friday -  Do you tweet?  Do you use Twitter to promote a business or other venture or do you enjoy on a personal level?

Note: If you wish to be anonymous in an article related to this subject, just let me know! :)


Teressa Morris said...

Lavender has always reminded me of my great grandma. I love that smell.

Anonymous said...

My first thought is every time I smell a turkey cooking it takes me back to childhood and dad cooking the turkey from early in the morning until we were ready to eat. Since mom and dad have passed away the smell of the things they both cooked seem all the more bitter sweet....

Lilly of the Valley reminds me of my grandmother, though I rarely remember the smell of perfumes, unless it's mine and it reminds me of a moment in the first time I wore Opium by YSL @'s still my favorite today.

Now, the smell of mens cologne can take me all over the map...I dated many young men with excellent taste in cologne, so whenever I smell them I instantly remember who wore it and when.... :)

They say smells can take a person back a lifetime to an event, as if they were standing right there.....I believe it.


Anonymous said...

Regarding looking for son and husband are doing just that right now. Old school doesn't work for most employers these days; if you haven't applied on line first they don't want to see or talk to you.

Countless times when either of them have walked into a place looking to hire they are turned away....with the comments ""Have you applied online?" When they answer yes, they usually get..."We review the online apps, we'll call you if we are interested". Both have gotten good at asking for a manager, however it usually gets them nowhere.

Many companies don't accept phone calls or walk in's, they are very explicit in these instructions @ their websites.

The only place we have had any old fashioned contact are at the smaller or family owned types of businesses....where you actually can get face to face with a manager or someone who makes decisions.

Almost without exception a resume is the first requirement.....don't even bother to start looking without a good one under your belt. It's a really tough market out there, anything you can to package yourself better than the next it!

Anonymous said...

I LOVED my bike growing favorite was a pink & white Huffy stingray with the banana seat and stingray handlebars. I had a white wicker basket on the front. I rode all over downtown Napa; to the park, the Uptown theater, downtown, over to Shearer school, to a ton of friends houses, all with my little dog cookie sitting in the basket, both of us loving every minute of it.

I loved my bike(s) they gave me freedom and independence and a workout children just don't get to enjoy today.....bicycles are a pleasure from a simpler that I am sad to say has gone away for so many children.

Anonymous said...

My favorite apple is a Fuji...with red D's right behind them. I like to use the Fuji's for baking, though they tend to be softer. If I need something firmer, I use a granny smith or a pippin.


Anonymous said...

Regarding Twitter...I have an account; I don't use it for business or fact it's been months since I've even looked at it. I occasionally read tweets from people.

I'm just not into the whole twitter thing....too much useless information most of the time.


Creative Kim said...

Note from Kim Funk ~ Twitter is something I'm very curious about. There are articles, that state that Twitter is a definite need for promoting a business these days. However, at an event I recently attended, a gentleman on a mic asked a large crowd who used Twitter, and hardly anyone raised their hands. Interesting. Linked-in also has me curious. Who out there uses it and to what extent?

gabby said...

I am by default and I seem to get some good local followers that way .. I have it linked to my FB page so whenever I post on FB, it also posts to Twitter. Kinda cheating ;) I need to get better about it cause it is yet another great way to utilize social networking!!

gabby said...

Oh a funny bike riding story? You know I do!!! Once I was riding with my dear friend Kristin and she stopped and said, "Look". Well I didn't see she had stopped yet so I looked and in looking away from her, I crashed right into her. We ended up a giggling, silly jumble. I was kind of hovering over her hand laughing and saying, "I'm peeing!!!". Poor girl couldn't get up quick enough. Well, she actually managed to get up with out further damage. I of course had to ride my bike home in my ripped and wet shorts. You know, sometimes you laugh so hard it just happens. One of my favorite comical moments of all time.

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