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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Dictionary ~ "circa" 1977
This is the Merriam-Webster dictionary my mom gave me in 1977.  It's old and it's tattered.  The cover is no longer attached, but I love this book.  It sits on my book shelf, with the unattached cover and title page safely stored inside.  My eleven-year-old signature graces the front page along with the date and other miscellaneous scribbles.  I will never let go of this because... I love this book, I love the written word and moreover, my mom gave it to me.  It will be with me forever. :)

I am most definitely a sentimental fool and that's okay.  I like that about myself.  But I also like the fact that my old books can change in appearance but still be useful and entertaining.

When I started this blog, I stated, "I blog because I love to write and to share.  I blog because it's fun.  I blog because I want to help others.  To know I have enriched the lives of others in the areas of family, parenting, health, time management, recipes, home décor, budgeting, writing, charity, and lifting others would be my ultimate reward" and I wrote my mission statement to read: "My mission is to inspire, enlighten, and challenge readers with helpful advice and entertaining content."

While all of this is still true, I've decided to change things up a bit.  I've received compliments on my new blog (thank you!), but I started to feel as if there might be a few too many expected things.  Maybe having too many weekly reoccurring themes or posts made it a little boring.  Yes, I said it!  So, while my mission will remain the same, it may feel a bit different and be a little more entertaining!  My mentor, Jim Roberts, always believed that one must be willing to change to be successful in business, and I think that's true to life in general!  So watch for the changes!

As always, I encourage and welcome feedback!


Anonymous said...

Love to read your stuff, Kim!!! You do have a way with words....Dolores

Creative Kim said...

Thank you Dolores :)

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