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Sunday, February 5, 2012

When I was invited by a friend to join a 10 week Bible Study in January of 2011, I had mixed feelings. Growing up in the Catholic Church, I was never exposed to an actual “Bible Study”, nor did I really know much about the bible. I wondered if I would feel out of place or if I would look "stupid" or ignorant when a bible verse was discussed. I was told we’d meet once per week and that the study would consist of watching an amazing lady speak about the bible via DVD (The series was called “The Inheritance”) and then we’d discuss it afterwards. Being that I was at that point in my life when I was seeking a bit more spirituality in my life and because I completely trusted my friend’s opinion on things, I jumped in. I’m so glad that I did!

Beth Moore was that lady and she is amazing!  She felt called at an early age to serve God in some way, but didn’t know how that might fall into place. By 1994, however, she had founded Living Proof Ministries "for the purpose of teaching women how to love and live on God’s word”.

This feisty Texas woman speaks with a zest for life and a fire to share the bible with others. She is a very down to earth speaker who all of us in Bible Study relate too. (Have you ever watched a speaker and sat there shaking your head in agreement with the speaker? That would be us with Beth).

Beth has been married for over thirty years, has two adult children, beloved dogs and LOVES her Starbucks. She’s very much like the rest of the world! She didn’t grow up living the perfect life. She was sexually victimized as a child and dealt with addictions related to that part of her past, well into young adulthood. She continues to fight insecurity, like so many of us, and uses her various studies and programs to help others deal with the same or similar issues.

Because I love to share things, I just had to share Beth with you as well. I absolutely love watching her telecasts and series by DVD or digital download, as well as reading her books and her blog (she has a lot of material out there!).  I highly recommend that you check out some of her clips online. I’m providing a few links below so you can easily do that!

To sneak a peek of the series my bible study is currently watching, click here. This series is called, “Wising Up”. Open the page, and you will see the option to “click to view preview”.

For a longer peek, click here to watch an episode of “Wednesdays with Beth” which is part of the television program, “Life Today with James and Betty Robison.” This episode is called, “The God of all Comforts”. Her episode starts at about 2:10 into the link, and to skip right to the “real” Beth showing her humor, jump to 8:46 (although I highly recommend you take in the whole viewing of about 15 minutes).

If you're interested in a series, most digital downloads are $5.00 each and can be purchased week by week or you can purchase a DVD version and have it shipped to you.  To access and view all of the things she has to offer, along with her blog and bio, click here to visit Living Proof Ministries.

Kim Funk's vote: Yes on Bible Study and yes on Beth Moore :)


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