How to Make a Little Girl smile with a Crafty Book of her own :)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Well hello there ~ I've missed you!!

As mentioned yesterday, I am "back"! Couldn't start up again without posting something fun, crafty and cute! The "cute" part of this project would be "Miss Alyssa". :) 

Alyssa is the daughter of friends. Back in August of 2009 or 2010... Alyssa had a lovely little princess party. I was instantly inspired to create a small princess themed scrapbook for her with all of the pictures from her party. I told her mom about it and she was all in except for one thing... Miss Alyssa wasn't feeling well on the day of her party! There weren't many pictures from the party because she was under the weather and somehow the project got pushed to the side (but never forgotten!).

Two years later, I decided it was high time to finish this girl's book! I simply changed the format from a scrapbook full of pictures to a little crafty book she could "work on" herself. I purchased a heavy duty Strathmore spiral sketch paper notebook, cute girly scrapbook paper, stickers, colorful ballpoint pens, a glue stick AND a Disney Princess sticker book that jumped into my basket as I walked the aisles of Michael's Crafts in Vacaville.

I chose the sketch notebook for multiple reasons:
1) I knew it wouldn't easily fall apart (that would be no fun!)
2) The thick cover would be easy for me to decorate for Alyssa
3) The spiral binding gave me a spot to play with ribbons
4) The paper inside was perforated so she could easily tear out a piece of artwork to share if she so desired. (Word on the street is that Alyssa likes to share her art with teachers and friends!)

I picked the cutest sparkle paper for the cover, trimmed it with a paper cutter and attached it securely with double stick tape, then cut out a pink heart and added it to the center (I love hearts). Next I found a selection of my favorite ribbons and added them to the side to make it a fun, girly and cheerful.

I created a simple cover sheet inside to show her what she could do with stickers, papers and the like, then put together a little assortment of crafty fun items and packaged it up!

She loved her gift and I loved making it for her!

Have a great day all and GO GET CREATIVE! :) 
(Christmas is coming... create a gift for someone!)

{Created with love ~ August 2012}


Riko Aida said...

Awesome little cutie :-). Very creative and great job!

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